Building an educational entity that meets all the individual expectations that our students have by forming integral, coherent and happy human beings.


In 20 years we want to be a recognized institution by the high level of integral and academic development, by having among our graduates the most influential people in our country.


Respect for the different process of development.

Importance of the human being as an individual.

Coherence between the theory and the practice.

Honesty, justice and integrity.

Creativity and innovation.


The motivation to start this educational project is to give to the new generation the opportunity to develop and fulfil their dreams in depth. Allowing them to devote most of their time to improve their skills, and to find support from the school to reach their goals in the least possible time; we focus on their values, self-control and self-knowledge.


Our Community

We are a team that combines the passion for education with the passion to make things different in the most creative and honest way. We approach the matter on three fronts, the first is our experience in work with children and teenagers. The second front is our knowledge about methodologies that promote education in the development of skills by recognizing the authenticity of every being. The third and final front is our administrative skills to make this project possible, and the generation of value in each person who is involved in the project.

At FL, we take into account individual differences, and we understand diversity that strengthens team work. However, we have the firm conviction that our philosophy requires some characteristics that should be shared within our community.

An FL Member:

Our FL members are always honest and transparent, recognizes their mistakes, and do everything in their power to amend them.

They care about other human beings, regardless of whether the others are a student, a parent, a co-worker or any other person.

They are passionate workers for the integral education of the human being. Also, they are capable of recognizing and exemplifying the ethical values under which the institution is governed.

They are creative. They are willing to change and embrace difficulties as opportunities to keep growing as a person and as a professional.

They are in constant search for new knowledge in order to expand their practical and theoretical skills.

They are punctual and organized. They always plan their work.

They admire and believe in the Foundation. They know the foundation objectives, and they are willing to give their best to fulfil them.

They respect the work of their co-workers, and also, they recognize that their opinions and different points of view that are valid.

They enjoy their work!


FL Academy started from the personal experiences through the pioneer project of FL Foundation and FL Clan, a program for the development of children and teenagers football players. We noticed that many of our players did not make sufficient time to study and in parallel dedicate themselves to their greatest dream.

As parents, we understand that it is necessary that our children graduate from a good school and earn a high school diploma while they try to achieve their life plan. We decided on a plan that not only gives them their high school diploma, but also gives them the tools to fulfil their life project as athletes, artists or entrepreneurs.

We understand that there can be some frustration, if on the way if they find out that their life plan has changed. So, our mission is to prepare them for everything they do, and that they will do it with excellence. FL Academy is a project were students earn a high school diploma from a recognize academy from the United States, and at the same time, they rely on specialized high-quality allies in arts or sports, and where well-being and human formation is at the center of our model.

We came up with the idea from the necessity to offer time and better academic development to athletes, artists, and young entrepreneurs to allow them to fulfil their dreams.