Educational Model

Our pedagogical model is mainly based on the formation of values, rights and fundamental duties of each human being.

According to this formation, FL Academy provides the students with the necessary tools to learn and think for themselves, and to develop the skills they require for the globalized world and its demands.

We have excellent training for children and teenagers wanting to be competitive. In our institution we respect and understand that every child or teenager has a rhythm and a way of learning different from others.


What do we do?

The main character of the project is a personalized methodology, which creates a curriculum for each student, based on their talents and schedules. This results in a unique academic plan for each student that will go hand in hand with their goals outside the educational institution.

Our goal is to complement the human and educational development of each student, understanding that when they have discovered their dreams and skills, they should spend most of the time improving specific areas to be more proficient.

For this reason, the majority of our educational project is carried out virtually on a powerful platform, where all students can advance in their studies at any time and at place. Our methodology allows parents to be involved with their children throughout the learning process.